Our Services

We specialise in blasting all types of surfaces including brick and stonework. We use high performance equipment to clean, restore and protect all types of buildings, structures and fabrications. With a proven track-record of successfully tackling many seemingly impossible blast cleaning projects.

Grit Blasting

Blast Cleaning is the forcing of an abrasive media by compressed air onto a surface to either clean or remove scale, a failed coating or corrosion. Pressure is varied dependent upon the amount of contamination to be removed. Differing grades of blast media with different abrasive qualities are chosen for a specific task.
It is imperative to choose an experienced operative to carry out work, in order to ensure the correct methods are used.

Bead Blasting

We beadblast using fine non metallic abrasives to produce a perfectly clean uniform finish, even on the most awkward of shapes. There are several different attractive bead blast finishes we can achieve on stainless steel.

Powder Coating

Epoxy polyester powder coatings are ideal for general indoor use and other applications where high UV stability is not required. Zinc rich epoxy coatings are also available as primer coats on phosphated or blast-cleaned steel objectsand structures and when combined with a polyester top coat offers enhanced resistance to weathering and corrosion.

Low cure coatings are also available which require lower oven temperatures and as such offer a cost saving, more useful on longer production runs.

Polyester Powder Coatings:

Polyester powder coatings are ideal for external use where UV stability and weather resistance is required. Typical examples include architectural components, automotive trim, cladding, fencing, garden furniture and motor-cycles. Powders are available in a wide range of colours in gloss, satin, matt, aluminium and textured effects and can be custom matched to the user’s requirements.

Epoxy Powder Coatings:

Epoxy powder coatings are ideal for industrial & engineering applications and have excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties although are susceptible to colour breakdown under UV. Specialist high build coatings (500µm) are available for anti-corrosion applications. 
Plascoat Thermo Plastic Coating
Plascoat offers the widest range of thermoplastic finishes for metalwork that are suitable for decorative, anti-corrosion or other functional engineering purposes.
  Plascoat has developed a range of high quality protective coating systems, carefully alloying components containing performance enhancing features to base polymers. This provides coatings with excellent adhesion to substrate, good weathering or chemical resistance properties, DFB Blast Contract Services Ltd are accredited users of Plascoat.

Paint Spraying

Customer specified paints including colours from the RAL and B.S. ranges are facilitated in our spray booths, using airless and air assisted paint equipment.
The ample size of our paint booths means that we can accommodate most sizes of components.
Large items can either be suspended from a ceiling bearer or painted either on trolleys or in specialised stillages to achieve maximum efficiency and optimum paint quality.

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning is the application to the surface of a building or structure of the approved cleaning agents, identified during the initial site survey.
Used mostly for the effective cleaning of brick and stone, chemical cleaning is used where water jetting alone may not be satisfactory. 
It is important to identify correctly the material to be cleaned so that the appropriate cleaning agent can be used which is compatible with, and will not harm, the material involved. Effective rinsing is also most important.

Vapour Cleaning

water Jetting/Blasting is the modern, environmentally friendly way of preparing a surface for coatings application. DFB Contract Services Ltd water blasting provides the cost effective solution for surface preparation in every industry sector.
Operating at 40,000psi (2,800 bar), our state-of-the-art Blasting units enable us to remove any coating, taking the substrate back to its original profile, and unlike other “traditional” surface preparation methods, ensuring the surface is completely contaminant free

Specialist Paint Finishing

Quality airbrushed art to your specific design, pets, hobbies or any subject matter can be used to adorn your car, bike, truck or Helmet. 
If you have a particular image you would like on any object, we can assist.
All jobs are tailored to your own requirements and priced accordingly.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

The refurbishment and restoration of all car wheels is one of our specialities - so much so we've decided to open a dedicated wheel refurbishment department. We are able to restore all wheels (alloy or steel) to showroom condition. Have you ever been quoted the cost of four brand new alloy wheels? We can restore your old ones for a fraction of this.

Our vast experience in this field has led us to develop what we consider to be one of the best wheel restoration processes in the area. We now offer:

Chemical Stripping of Existing Wheel Coatings
This is kinder to the wheel than conventional shot blasting and removes old paint and coating without further damage.
3 Coat System for Wheel Colour
This is the holy grail of wheel refurbishment. Our 3 coat process applies primer, a wet colour and finally a tough powder coat lacquer to the wheel. We are now able to offer colours, shades and effects for your wheels on par with anything a body shop can apply to a car. Pearlescent two-tone to match your custom car paint job? No problem!

Wheel Refurbishment Customer Service

Many car owners are put off by the inconvenience of having wheels refurbished - how many people have a spare set of wheels to use while their main set is sent away for a lengthy time?We can refurbish your set of wheels in a day.

At DFB Contracting Services we make it as easy as possible. You can drop your car off at our workshop and we do the rest. Live in the local area? We'll take you home and collect you when your car is ready! Wheels and tyres will be removed and refitted on-site by a 'professional' tyre fitter. Tyres will be fully balanced using self-adhesive weights. New valves are always used.

Wheel Refurbishment - Choose Your Colour

We can powder coat your wheels to any colour specification. An exact match to the manufacturer's original colour code can be done. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, choose from one of the thousands of colours in our charts.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Process

The refurbishment of alloy wheels draws on our key areas of expertise – chemical stripping, shot blasting and powder coating.

  • On receipt of your car, the wheels and tyres are removed by a professional tyre fitter.
  • The wheels are then processed through our chemical stripping or shot blasting areas to remove all traces of existing coatings and any corrosion.

  • Next, we inspect for and repair any damage.
  • The wheels are then cleaned and processed through our painting area (for primer and wet colour if required) then our powder coating area before being oven hardened.
  • Tyres are then refitted with new valves and the wheels balanced using self-adhesive balance weights – all carried out by a professional tyre fitter. The wheels are then put back on your car and all bolts torqued to manufacturer’s specifications.

Price includes standard "sparkle silver" or "aluminium silver" colours. Some of our more exotic shades may incur an additional charge.

We offer a 12 month guarantee on all coatings!

All minor cosmetic repairs and removal of normal scrapes are included in this service. Should a wheel require significant repair (such as the filling and finishing of deep dents or other damage) a charge may be incurred. This will be in the region of £10 - £60 depending on the extent of damage. This will be calculated on initial inspection of the wheel.

Alloy Wheel Colours

We can match the original manufacturer's colour code or, if you are feeling adventurous, pick from one of thousands in our charts. Choose one which matches the colour of your car or it's body-kit. The only limit is your imagination!

Combining the latest techniques, equipment and products with experience we can offer solutions to all aspects of product finishing.  We strive to achieve our objectives of competitively priced, quality finishing produced on short lead times. We currently offer grit or bead blasting as well as vapour degreasing Chemical Cleaning for stonework & masonry as suitable surface preparation for finishing.

We are capable of small or high volume works.
Additionally, our well trained site team are able to offer all aspects of painting and decorating – interior/exterior, in-tumescent and epoxy coatings, floors and awkward access. 
Furthermore we offer grit-blasting and full refurbishment services in-situ.
Shot blasting can be a crucial part of resurfacing simply because one of the most important aspects of any surface project is preparation. This is especially so when it comes to painting or coating Surfaces. Many of our clients have found that in the past acid etching, sanding and power washing have been shown to be inadequate and that all to soon the surface is showing short term signs of failure. Inadequate preparation is a waste of MONEY!

We prepare surface to a grade of SA2.5 (the industry standard for blasting steel) perfect for powder coat adhesion. Further higher grades of finish can be achieved by Bead Blasting techniques.

DFB Contracting Services has over 25 years’ experience in grit and bead-blasting preparation of both newly fabricated products and equipment in need of refurbishment. DFB Contracting Services provides all types of anti-corrosion protective coatings suitable for even the harshest environments.

DFB Contracting Services is proud of its ability to meet specific requirements and the deadlines of its most discerning clients. Over the past 25 years, DFB Contracting Services has built-up a large resource of knowledge and is therefore able to advise on suitable specifications to meet the challenges of particular environments.

Pre-coating preparation for gritblasting and bead-blasting

DFB Contracting Services’ preparation service is second to none. The company uses grit and bead-blasting technology, which meets the SA 2-SA3 standard, to remove the long-term build up of paint and corrosion, leaving surfaces ready for new finish coatings.

DFB Contracting Services regularly works on the refurbishment of valve bodies, pump bodies, filter bodies, pipes, vessels and sub frames that have spent many years working in the harsh marine environment.

Anti-corrosion protection coatings

Metal and thermal spraying protects and greatly extends the life of a wide variety of equipment in the most hostile of environments where the coatings are vital for longevity. The variety of metalized coatings is vast but can be broken down into two main categories:

  • Finish coatings such as anti-corrosion or decorative coatings
  • Engineering coatings such as wear resistant and thermal barrier

DFB Contracting Services’s offshore baseplate is finished to company specification and is sprayed in the company’s large dedicated spray shop.

At its depot, DFB Contracting Services is able to handle single items of equipment up to 40t and has a large undercover storage area. If damaged or weak areas are discovered whilst carrying out preparation and blasting of equipment, DFB Contracting Services have the facilities on site for heavy engineering repair work, including coded welding.

Airless spray gun

DFB Contracting Services' airless spray gun operates connected to a high pressure pump using up to 6,000psi pressure. This type of system is used to paint heavy duty industrial, chemical and marine coatings and linings.

DFB Contracting Services ensures high quality, durable products with the highest protection in the harshest of environments by using the three leading paint manufacturers in the market.