Light Fabrications

Light Fabrications:

Shot blasting is a process used to clean surfaces back to the base material.

This is an essential part good practice preparation work, as it removes all contamination as rust and corrosion and leaves a good clean surface for applying the primary first coats of powder coat or wet paint’s.  

The process usually involves a nozzle with a high-pressure airline to deliver various types of media, or shot, at the object. This is a particularly effective method for removing scale, rust, paint, and minor surface flaws from metal objects.

Depending on the shot blast equipment and the type of shot used, various surface finishes or textures can also be applied to a work piece for decorative purposes, or to prep the surface for paint. Please be aware that there are some parts no suitable for blast cleaning, as thin body panels can cause distortion and render some parts useless. 

Powder coating metallic fabricated items ads both colour and finish and is the best way to cover, prtotect and finish metal surfaces.
DFB Contracting will show how much better powder coating is compared to plastic coating, spray painting and stove enamelling:

   • The item will be painted quicker.
   • It will have a smoother, thicker fusion bonded coating.
   • It will be more resistant to cracking and chipping.

There is no curing time waiting for the paint to go hard.
If you have it processed at Windridge Coatings, there will no short cuts, it will be blasted back to new metal, checked for cracks, corrosion inhibited and painted with the most advanced coatings available. 

Powder coating has long been known for its ability to make coated parts impervious to the elements while offering durability under extreme wear conditions.

At DF Blast Contracting we understand that the durability of the coating is only as good as the application method. That's why we are able to deal any fabricator who comes to us with large scale Powder Coating or Blasting projects. Components, which arere fabricated from heavy gauge steel, can be delivered into our large wide open workshop area and manouvered using our 10 crane.

Customers with specific requirements for the coating, such as the application of a zinc phosphate pre-treatment and a fluro-polymer custom color, all of which were necessary to guarantee the coatings performance and meet the design requirements.

Our ability to powder coat and oven cure large, heavy parts allows us to powder coat very large components, steels, motors, valvs, pipes and even truck or machine bodies and or chassis.