Galvanising Service

Galvanized steel has a tough, metallurgically bonded protective coating of zinc. It is durable, combining long life with minimal maintenance and low whole-of-life cost in a tried and tested corrosion protection system.

Galvanizing provides proven corrosion protection for a wide range of steel products. These vary from small components and fasteners, to fabricated steel structures and architecturally designed buildings.

The key benefits of hot-dip galvanized zinc coating are:
•  Reliability (a thick, complete and easily inspected coating);
•  Dependability (electrochemical cathodic protection for the entire component or structure);
•  Predictability (forecast life based on known corrosion rate of zinc).

A galvanized finish can be applied rapidly; a full coating can be applied in just hours at off-site facilities, under controlled conditions. The alloy layers of the coating are harder than the steel it protects, and thicker at corners and edges – unlike other coatings.

DFB Contracting Services specialize in hot-dip galvanizing of steel components in all shapes and sizes. Tower Installed Galvanized steel exhibits an attractive finish that is in increasing demand for its low maintenance, UV immune properties and easy integration with other materials. It also provides a superior foundation for a decorative top coat that provides colour, increased chemical resistance and synergistically extended life.

Galvanizing is achieved using naturally-occurring zinc, an element that is vital for human, animal and plant life; it is commonly included in health supplements and fertilizers. The environmental sustainability of galvanized steel is supported by its capacity for recycling and the extension in service life of coated sections.

Why Galvanize with DFB Contracting Services?
DFB Contracting Services is the specialist hot-dip galvanizer. DFB Contracting Services is the established leader in the provision of hot-dip galvanizing services, with Australia-wide coverage and international support. Work is performed by experienced personnel - and can be guaranteed for up to 50 years on specific projects.

We have experience in a variety of markets including mining, infrastructure, construction, manufacturing and agriculture. As a result, DFB Contracting Services has expertise in coating a diverse range of shapes and sizes; from small fasteners to major fabricated structures.
Our customers include fabricators, major engineering firms, asset owners and architects with lead time requirements from overnight to several months. DFB Contracting Services responds to customer needs and tailors service solutions that deliver results. DFB Contracting Services has a proven track record in solving problems for customers, providing a full service offering from design and technical advice to galvanizing, testing, quality assurance, packing, transport and warranty.

Benefits For Architects Simply put; award-winning, innovative designs should continue to look great year after year. The surface patina and cathodic action of a hot-dip galvanized coating provides long-lasting protection to steel structures, often over 30 years. Galvanized steel has an attractive texture; the strength to handle long spans, and is easily integrated with other materials. It requires minimal maintenance, and does not require re-coating with a new formulation every few years to continue looking great.

Where colour is important, hot-dip galvanizing provides a superior substrate for a decorative coating. Paint-over-galvanizing maximises the self-healing benefits of the zinc coating, producing an extended life well beyond that available with paint alone. These duplex systems almost always have lower whole-of-life cost than any paint system.
Benefits of Hot Dip Galvanizing For Engineers In delivering projects, cost, speed of delivery, maintenance, service life and sustainability are all important aspects to be considered by engineers.
Hot-dip galvanized steel provides corrosion protection that has - in many cases - lower initial cost than paint, and a lower whole–of-life cost.

DFB Contracting Services can apply a galvanized coating to steel components in a matter of minutes at quality-assured, off-site facilities using controlled processes. Other coatings applied on-site are reliant on weather, surface preparation techniques or the local environment; and their application can be disruptive. Once delivered to site, the tough surface of galvanized steel has outstanding handling characteristics, resisting damage from lifting chains, slings or impact. Less site damage means speedy completion, keeping costs down and projects on schedule.

Galvanized steel delivers long service life, with minimal on-going maintenance; in many cases service life in excess of 30 years is possible – and longer if a duplex system is used that provides a further layer of chemical resistance. The environmental sustainability of galvanized steel is supported by its capacity for recycling, with more than 30% salvaged and reused.