Car Body Shells, Machines and Truck Chassis

Powder coat chassis and components for all types of cars, sports cars, vintage cars, Triumph Stags, Kit cars, kart chassis, buggy, quads and formula racing cars and kit car chassis. 

   • Powder coat car suspension and any structurally strong metal components, these and many other parts are ideal. Because most of the items that come to us need stripping, thin body panels are not suitable, as they can distort during the blasting. 

   •Re-paint spoked wheels using powder coating as the best method of spraying as it wraps round for an even coverage. Powder coating is tougher than wet paint, looking good and more resistant to cracking and chipping..

Cleaning and preparation
The chassis will be placed in or controlled pyrolysis oven where it will be heated to 440 degrees Celsius. This will burn off the grease and old paint, road oils and grease and turn it to ash. The heat and weight is distributed evenly to prevent distortion. The heating process will also semi anneal the steel to extend it’s life from fatigue fractures.
The chassis will then be grit blasted to remove rust any residual paint ash and give the chassis a good key for its pre-treatment.

The Tri-resin(steel) powder coating system is then applied. The same high specification paint system that is applied to our architectural commercial work. 

Liquid chemically pre-treat steel, and seal with an acrylic resin, for corrosion protection.
To epoxy powder coat prime, for a waterproof film and a thicker aesthetic finish.
To apply highest quality architectural grade polyester powder, for better ultra violet protection compared to industrial polyesters.
Average thickness 140 to 200 microns. (Industry standard BS6497 only requires one coat at 60 microns.)

You have two choices: 
1. Leave in the nuts and bolts, these will then get painted. The paint around the edges of the threads will be broken when they are removed, leaving a serrated edge but the threads will have been protected. 

2. Leave the threads alone, and we will mask them with our assortment of silicone bungs, but be prepared to occasionally run the thread with a tap or dye. 
We will endeavour to protect as many threads as possible

Most jobs are turned round with in one to two weeks. 

Over the years we have powder coated many off road steel wheels. The most popular being wheels for Land Rover and Jeep. Allow us to powder coat your bonnet shield, door protectors, roof racks, bumpers, air inlet pipes, exhaust pipes, and engine grounding plates in matching satin black with a paint system designed to be treated rough. .