Combining the latest techniques, equipment and products with experience we can offer solutions to all aspects of product finishing. 
We strive to achieve our objectives of competitively priced, quality finishing produced on short lead times. We currently offer grit or bead blasting as well as vapour degreasing Chemical Cleaning for stonework & masonry as suitable surface preparation for finishing.
We have a number of box ovens, the largest being 5.9m long x 2.1m high x 2.5m wide plus a blast room with higher capacities. 

We are capable of small or high volume works.
Additionally, our well trained site team are able to offer all aspects of painting and decorating – interior/exterior, in-tumescent and epoxy coatings, floors and awkward access. 
Furthermore we offer grit-blasting and full refurbishment services in-situ.
Shot blasting can be a crucial part of resurfacing simply because one of the most important aspects of any surface project is preparation. This is especially so when it comes to painting or coating Surfaces. Many of our clients have found that in the past acid etching, sanding and power washing have been shown to be inadequate and that all to soon the surface is showing short term signs of failure. Inadequate preparation is a waste of MONEY!

We prepare surface to a grade of SA2.5 (the industry standard for blasting steel) perfect for powder coat adhesion. Further higher grades of finish can be achieved by Bead Blasting techniques.

We look forward to talking to you regarding your needs.