Is your car running smooth for the summer? Mobile service or drop off service.

  • Cars -£79.99 (we offer multi car discounts)
  • Motorbikes, quads, jet skis - £39.99
  • HGV, motor homes , farming equipment, plant etc- please call for quote

  • Noticed your car feels a bit sluggish-loss of power- smoky exhaust-louder rumble engine- abit lumpy on tick over- high emissions and loss of mpg?

    Don't let carbon build up ruin your engine!

    • Restore your mpg
    • Restore lost horse power
    • Reduce harmful emissions
    • Help your engine run cooler
    • Reduce engine wear
    • Efficiently with an increase in power
    • Better cold starting
    • Quieter running
    • Smoother Idle and Pickup
    • Improved Power and Torque
    • Improved Economy
    • Less smoke from the exhaust
    • Reduction in flat spots while accelerating
    • Lower harmful emissions
    • less carbon build up inside your engine and exhaust system
    • Prolonged engine component life
    • Can save on costly repair bill such as, EGR valve and dpf problems , sticking turbos,     swirl flaps sticking and much more.

Over time the engine builds up carbon inside and This restricts the engines ability to perform efficiently. By getting your engine Carbon cleaned you can regain lost performance and fuel efficiency. Running a cleaner engine can also reduce future parts failure such as EGR valve, DPF filter and much more, it also helps your engine run cooler helping it breath more.

Noticed any of these with your car?
  • Loss of performance
  • Sluggishness and flat spots
  • Louder rumbly engine and lumpy idle
  • Smokey exhaust
  • Increased emissions
  • Reduced MPG

To book in or for any other information please message us or give us a call on 07491068697